A Clarion call to all Planetary Ambassadors!

Hello, my name is Jill Grace.  My last name was revealed to me by my Spiritual Team.  The name G.R.A.C.E. stands for Galactic Realization Assignment for Civilization’s Evolution.    I have recently discovered my life’s mission and I am looking to connect with other Planetary Ambassadors around the earth.  What is a Planetary Ambassador, you may ask?   I had the same question for my spiritual team when my mission was revealed to me.   A Planetary Ambassador is a person who is embodied at this time to help transmute third dimension energy into the higher 5th and 6th dimensional frequencies, and beyond.  There are millions of planetary ambassadors embodied at this time to help shift this world into planetary ascension. What are some signs that you are a Planetary Ambassador?    I asked my Spiritual Team to give me information and a checklist on this very topic, to help us find each other.  Here is what was revealed:

  1. You are a natural born Empath.  You literally feel the pain of the world and want nothing more than to transmute the lower energies into higher frequencies.
  2. You may have been on the spiritual path for a long time, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot find a “niche” that fits you.  I have taken literally dozens of classes in spirituality hoping to find one area that fits a career path.   Although I have many interests, none of the classes fit my mission and what I am being called to do.
  3. You have a desire to help humanity, as a large.  There is a desire so deep within you that nothing can satisfy you other than to help humanity create world peace.  You think about World Peace constantly!
  4. You are no longer able to watch news or media containing violence or unfair acts against another. If you are exposed to a news story, there is a deep inner sadness that doesn’t go away.  You have learned to stay away from news and media.  However, it is important to still know what is going on in this world so you can transmute the energy.  This is often the “tricky” part to be informed about what is going on in the world so you can transmute the energies, yet REALLY NOT wanting to watch the news or media stories.   I have learned to grab the “cliff notes” quickly in order to know what areas need to be transmuted without getting wrapped up into the stories.
  5. You feel that your purpose on this planet is far greater than what you are currently experiencing. You are feeling less and less connected to the third dimension structures that used to bring you joy.   Third Dimensional jobs no longer are interesting and there is a deeper inner calling that is nudging you to awaken to your life’s purpose.
  6. You feel you are being guided on a path, but often this path is revealed in stages.  This can be frustrating for many of us.  You know you have an amazing mission but are unsure of what that mission is, until it is revealed to you.
  7. You come to realize that there are no chance encounters, or accidents, and everything happens for a divine reason.  Even when you view news stories that involve violence and feel deep sadness, you realize that their soul may have chosen that experience.  You have an Eagle’s Eye view of the world.  This Eagle’s Eye view helps you greatly on your path!!!
  8. Those of us who are planetary ambassadors often had a lot of painful experiences in their lives, whether it was painful breakup or divorce, death of a loved one, or any painful experience that was so traumatic that it helped to catapult and awaken you quickly!!!   The pain had to be so deep that you had no where  to go but within to heal.
  9. You are a natural born healer.  People are attracted to your energy field, whether this is by your ability to heal with the power of words,  or you are an energetic healer.  You were born with natural healing abilities, and those who meet you seem to know this.
  10. You are a humble person, and know within your heart that you are no better than anyone else.  You feel attracted to helping the “underdogs” and do not like to see people who are being taken advantage of.  You long to see a world without poverty or hunger, and feel guided to help all those in your path.
  11. Planetary Ambassadors are often in helping professions such as social workers, nurses, teachers and healers of all varieties.  Any job where you are helping others to heal is often a clue.  If you are not in one of these professions right now, you feel drawn to them.   You have a strong desire to make a difference in the world!!!
  12. You know that you are One with all of your brothers and sisters on the planet.    You pray daily for world peace and for all those beings who are struggling!!!  You pray for the  “proclaimed enemies” who are named in the media, such as Illumimati, the Banking System as well as the Political Establishments around the world.  You know that as you send the Violet Flame of Transmutation to these beings you are helping to transform the planet from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension and Beyond.

Why did I create this Blog?  I wanted to create awareness of this Mission and connect with other souls who are interested in Planetary Healing.  I also want to share planetary meditations for World Peace.   I want to collaborate and work with other beings and light workers who are of like-mind regarding this very important Mission.  There are millions of us on this planet!!!

I will post inspirational messages that come through my Higher Self and Spiritual Team in hopes to help others who are called to this Mission.   This is also a Clarion Call to those Planetary Ambassadors who have not yet discovered their mission.   I assure you that I spent more than a decade in this “not knowing” stage!!!   I also would like to post some of the remaining third dimensional challenges that I , Jill Grace, am undergoing through my own ascension process.  I believe in being honest about my own human vulnerabilities and ascension symptoms!  We are all going through tremendous shifts, as we release our third dimensional believes and patterns that no longer serve us.  There is power in letting these go, and sharing the process of ascension with each other!!

If you feel connected in any way to this Clarion Call for Planetary Ambassadors, please message me below.  I would love to hear from you and connect:)